Dairy Women’s Network – Regional Event

Last week, we attended a Dairy Women’s Network (http://www.dwn.co.nz/groups/north-island/pukekohe-regional-group/) Calf Dissection workshop. It started off with a discussion from local vets in calving, calving preparation etc etc.

We went on to dissect ‘stillborn’ calves and investigate their digestive tracts. With our constant talk about “rumen development” etc, it was great to see how it all works on the inside. It’s been a while! It was a great reminder, how intricate all the systems are, and how small the undeveloped rumen is at that stage and how things can quickly go wrong.

We discussed the effects of Nutritional Scours on the intestines, and Infectious Scours and the connection between them. We also discussed disease management and hydration control and it’s importance.

Seeing how small the digestive tract is at that stage, I was reminded how vital it is that you get everything right. That is where Opticell Plus UF (link to brochure) is helpful, in allowing the disgestive system to utilise the full potential of the milk by slowing it’s passage through the tract and allowing the milk to do what it is meant to do. Especially when feed such a big volume, in comparison to what they would consume whilst still suckling from mother.

It was a great event, with farmers and industry representatives alike attending. Thank you DWN!!