Where To Go After DCT


Where to go after DCT Written by Trina Parker, Country Manager for BEC Feed Solutions New Zealand Published in Dairy News The future of blanket [...]

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Need Selenium?


Need Selenium? Article written by Jennifer Ross, Technical Services Officer for BEC Feed Solutions Featured in Dairy News   Farmers in New Zealand know that [...]

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Zinc Options from BEC


Zinc Options from BEC New Zealand farmers don’t need to be reminded about the seriousness of Facial Eczema. Prevention of facial eczema provides challenges [...]

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Magnesium that’s palatable


1 August 2016, Coast & Country News – Animal Health Link to article: Supplementing magnesium by pasture dusting and through inclusion in water is [...]

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Sodium Bentonite vs Lignocellulose


Sodium Bentonite vs Lignocellulose (ie Opticell plus UF) – Can they be compared?? Sodium Bentonite-based products are widely recommended and incorporated in calf rearing regimes [...]

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Magnesium revolution


Link to article - Fieldays 2014 marked the launch of Bolifor Magnesium which is set to revolutionise magnesium use in agriculture, BEC NZ country manager, [...]

Magnesium revolution2017-05-05T00:30:33+10:00