Milk was prepared as per the bag instructions, 130gm/Litre of water (2 litres x 2 a day). Based on a total requirement of 25g per day of Opticell Plus UF, the first lot of 10 calves, means 125g per feed (2 feeds per day) was included in their bucket. It’s easy to mix and blend. You wouldn’t even know it is in the milk.

I keep an eye for scours, as this is the ‘risk’ period for nutritional scours with the change in feed/environment etc etc etc. Fingers crossed…. I can honestly say I’m always nervous during this period.

Calves were keen to feed and had no problem drinking their 20 litres.

Calf meal & Hay containers topped up.


All feed well. No scours. No loose faeces. No real evidence of milky custard colours faeces. It’s what you don’t notice than what you do, if you know what I mean.