Feeding as normal. Nothing notable to report apart from no scours, wet tails, or smell. Which in its self IS really quite NOTABLE.

We spent a good 45 mins observing the calves mid-afternoon (i.e. 8 hours after their morning feed), they were content and resting in the warm sun. Intermittently they were getting up and eating meal and hay.

Their consumption of hay at such an early stage was a massive surprise for us. In previous (non Opticell plus UF years) I’d always routinely offered meal and hay to calves from day one, but always felt I was doing more for the local bird population than anything. Given my awareness of Rumen development, I never wanted to lose a day that they could be eating meal….

Over that 45 min observation period all the calves got up, nibbled at and played with the hay, licked and nibbled at the meal. Then went to the trough to drink fresh water, and sit down.