BEC Feed Solutions (BEC) has appointed a New Zealand-based team responsible for driving business growth and market presence in the NZ animal feed sector.

BEC Feed Solutions (BEC) has appointed a New Zealand-based team responsible for driving business growth and market presence in the NZ animal feed sector.

TWO MAGNESIUM feed supplements to be launched at Fieldays are “set to revolutionise magnesium use in the New Zealand agricultural industry,” says distributor BEC Feed Solutions.

“The Bolifor products will transform the way dairy farmers administer magnesium to their cows, providing many additional benefits as well as marked labour saving efficiencies,” says Trina Parker, manager of BEC in New Zealand.

The key to that is palatability. Bolifor MGP is a 24% magnesium formulation which, as the P suggests, also has a worthwhile phosphate content of 13.5%. It’s a granule made with magnesium hydrogen phosphate so avoids the bitter taste of traditional magnesium oxide based products.

The higher magnesium content Bolifor MAG33 does contain some magnesium oxide but the granules are coated with sodium chloride giving them a slightly salty taste which masks the bitterness of the magnesium oxide.

BEC’s technical services officer in New Zealand, Jen McCarty, says that means MAG33 can be offered ad-lib in a trough in a laneway or other suitable spot.“You no longer have to dust pastures. The slightly salty taste means the cows are quite attracted to it,” she told Rural News. The MGP product is taste neutral so is better suited to incorporation in a feed ration in a mixer wagon or poured on a row of silage as it’s fed out.

The Bolifor products also have the benefit of being non-laxative, and, as they’re granulated, less dusty reducing irritation  therefore making them easier to handle.

Despite being granular, they’re still highly soluble so offer an excellent biological availability of both magnesium and phosphorus, says BEC.

Manufacturer Yara says the Mag33 product is unique and well suited to all diets where extra magnesium is needed. “It can be incorporated into any feeding system such as compound feed, mineral supplements or use for ad lib free access minerals.”

It describes Bolifor MGP as “a preferred source of magnesium and phosphorus in concentrates, complete feed, mineral supplements and other mineral feed applications to prevent magnesium and phosphorus deficiencies in cattle, pigs, poultry and all other animals.”

Yara also points out the MGP formulation contains 2% sulphur hence is a source of sulphur for rumen microflora.

BEC Feed Solutions says it is the first time the Bolifor magnesium product range has been available in New Zealand and the Fieldays launch is timed to coincide with the peak season for magnesium requirements in dairying: pre-calving, early lactation and throughout spring.

Samples of both products will be on display on BEC’s stand, PD41, in the Mystery Creek Pavilion at Fieldays. Product  experts will be available to offer technical advice and support, with talks about it on the stand scheduled for 10am and 2.30pm on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (10am only) of the event.