I started using Opticell in the spring of 2015 as I was looking for something for my calves to be more content and after their feed and something to make transitioning go a lot more smoothly. I must admit I had my doubts but I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, as it is a completely natural product and super affordable.

I started using Opticell after my calves had completed their colostrum feeds, so I mixed the recommended amount into a small amount of milk to make a paste and mixed measured amount into buckets for my calves and I knew they were getting the correct amount at every feed.

I started to notice that they were a lot more content after just a few days on the product and would go and lie down not long after a feed and bask in the sunlight. When I returned to do regular maintenance on the sheds after feeding everyone e.g. clean water troughs, fill meal and hay, I noticed the calves were consuming the hay a lot earlier than usual and eating a lot of it, really enjoying the meal and water, and to my delight their stools were something out of this world – they were completely solid. I was so excited as I had never experienced anything like it I duly picked some up with my shovel and ran to show my husband. Needless to say my calves gained weight effortlessly and transition to once a day and weaning were a treat. I am completely in love with this product and will continue to use it from here on in.

Thank you to Brent and the James & Son team for introducing it to me.

With thanks

Tammy Schwartz

Tammy purchases her Opticell UF through James & Son Animal Feed Suppliers