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Fieldays 2014 marked the launch of Bolifor Magnesium which is set to revolutionise magnesium use in agriculture, BEC NZ country manager, Trina Parker, says.

The Bolifor Magnesium product range is being made available for the first time in New Zealand by BEC Feed Solutions.

The launch was planned to coincide with the peak season for magnesium requirements in dairying, during pre-calving and early lactation throughout spring.

BEC says this new range offers distinct advantages over magnesium oxide and other magnesium supplements.

They include excellent palatability, ease of application, accuracy of dosage and high bio-availability of the vital mineral.

“The Bolifor products will transform the way dairy farmers administer magnesium to their cows, providing many additional benefits as well as marked labour saving efficiencies,” Parker says.

Available as Bolifor MGP+ and Bolifor MAG33, each has different mineral compositions that can be incorporated easily into existing feeding and animal health regimes.

While traditional magnesium products are administered by pasture dusting or dosing in water, Bolifor products can be consumed directly.

The big difference lies in the products’ palatability. Bolifor MGP+ is neutral while Bolifor MAG33 tastes slightly salty. Both are more appealing to cows than traditional, bitter-tasting commercial magnesium products. The products are also favoured for their non-laxative effect.

Both products are granulated and free-flowing, making them less dusty, non-irritable to the digestive tract, and much easier to handle than commercial finely ground and dusty magnesium oxide.

They are highly soluble, and as a result offer an excellent biological availability of both magnesium and phosphorus.

The products will be available direct from BEC and selected veterinary practices nationwide. For more information see