1 August 2016, Coast & Country News – Animal Health
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Supplementing magnesium by pasture dusting and through inclusion in water is labour intensive and presents high wastage levels, also leading to pasture avoidance and unpalatable water.

That’s why BEC Feeds country manager Trina Parker says Bolifor Mag33 is che answer co delivering the viral magnesium co your herd this spring.

“Key benefits are accurate dosing, better animal health, guaranteeing uptake, minimise wastage co the environment, and reduced labour associated with pasture dusting.”

Anyone driving around New Zealand in general, during late-winter and spring will likely see paddocks with strips of magne­sium oxide in chem.

“How effective, do you think this is?,” asks Trina. Couple this with the traditionally wet and windy spring, then cow uptake is somewhat limited.

“Some days the neighbour’s paddock would get more than your own cows.”

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for all animals and is especially crucial for rumi­nants, in particular lactating dairy cows. Magnesium plays an important role in the prevention of milk fever and grass staggers.

”Supplementing is essential and can be done in several ways. Adding magnesium to feed rations – from silage through to blended feed concentrates – is the more sensible option,” says Trina.

Bolifor Mag 33 is available in a granular form so problems chat arise from dusti­ness when included in feed rations are far less likely to occur and animals take co the produce freely. With a fine particle size, magnesium oxide can be dusty making it irritable to work with in feed production/integration.

“Palatability is very important. Not only is magnesium oxide bitter and unpalatable in taste, it’s terrible to work with and hard on the machinery and the person given the job of dusting it.”

Bolifor Mag 33 contains sodium from NaCI. The slightly salty taste greatly increases its palatability.

Bolifor Mag 33 can be fed directly to live­stock by including in low volume rations and will be well accepted across the herd.

Bolifor MGP+ is the sister product to Bolifor Mag33, and offers a unique combi­nation of magnesium and phosphorus.

It’s a valuable source of phosphorus, which bas been the talk of the paddock of lace.

Bolifor will be delivered on-farm for free in August to farmers who mention this article.