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811, 2017

PGG Wrightson Rural Diary 2017

PGG Wrightson Rural Diary Profitable Performance Farming North & South Islands | July 2017 Be on target with calf rearing Managing triple drench resistance Handling agricultural chemicals safely Read the North Island issue here: 07_RuralDiary_July2017_NI [...]

2908, 2017

Phosphorus Metabolism in Cattle

See the full presentation from Dr Alessandro Mereu at Yara Feed Phosphates Presented at the July 2017 NZARN Meeting Summary The Phosphorus Challenge P cycle in the dairy cow Regulation of extracellular P cycle Interaction [...]

2305, 2017

Selenium Deficiency in New Zealand

Selenium is shown to be an essential element for animal nutrition. Animals are not able to synthesise selenium, and therefore must obtain selenium from their diet. The selenium content of feed and food ingredients varies [...]