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Developed, manufactured and used extensively in Europe, Opticell Plus UF is a naturally derived prebiotic fibre (lignocellulose), developed for inclusion in milk replacer, or whole milk, that nurtures and promotes eubiosis or a ‘good balance’ of microbes within the digestive tract.

Designed for young pre-ruminants (calves, lambs, goats etc), Opticell® is a tool to establish a healthy gut and help to ease dietary transitions, aiding in the prevention of nutritional scours.


Opticell® Plus Ultra Fine (UF) is a naturally derived Prebiotic Fibre, developed for inclusion in calf milk replacer (CMR) or whole milk that nurtures and promotes ‘eubiosis’ or a ‘good balance’ of microbes within the digestive tract.

Add Opticell® Plus (UF) to prepared milk to help counteract nutritional scours, especially when transitioning calves onto new feeding regimes e.g. From ‘twice a day’ feeding to ‘once a day’ or when changing milk source and/or as feed intake increases.

Opticell® Plus (UF) encourages water absorption in the colon which helps to improve faecal quality and reduce incidence of nutritional scours.

Benefits of Opticell® Plus (UF) for CALVES….

  • Reduces incidence of nutritional scours
  • Improves faecal quality
  • Increases satiety – content calves for longer
  • Stimulates early intake of solid feed
  • Stimulates more intake of solid feed
  • Growth and development of the intestinal lining
  • Free of Mycotoxins
  • GMO Free

Benefits of Opticell® Plus (UF) for YOU…

  • Reduced time spent nursing unwell calves
  • Reduced medical intervention
  • Drier litter, less smell
  • Increased average daily weight gain
  • Earlier weaning due to early and increased feed intake
  • Easy to mix with prepared milk
  • Easy to calculate at 25g/calf/day

Utilise full milk potential with Opticell® Plus (UF), aiding in faster
calf development.

For the best results, use from day one through to weaning.

Stress Free Calf
Rearing with
solid results….

Trina Parker

Country Manager

Jason Ward

Sales Representative


This blog is going to document an ‘on farm’ trial of 30 autumn born Friesian bulls, rearing practices, feeding rates, and other calf rearing product etc. We intend on giving our customers real life experiences and practical advice on the use and results of using Opticell® plus UF. In past years, nutritional scours are the bane of any ‘calf rearer’, so the results will be well received.

We’ll also include customer testimonials as they come along and other information you may find of interest.

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