In Selenium deficient animals, Selisseo may help to reduce somatic cells, and improve immune function. Both these are crucial in reducing the risk of mastitis leading up to and into dry period. Successful dry off, has an impact on subsequent milking seasons. This is particularly important for young stock, in boosting their immune function with efficient selenium treatment always them to fight disease causing pathogens from the environment more effectively.

New Zealand is the second most selenium deficient country in the world.

Whilst selenium supplementation is widely used in NZ dairy herds, it’s often of the mineral form, sodium selenite, which is largely made unavailable by the rumen organisms and excreted.

Selisseo is 100% hydroxy-seleno-methionine, and biologically available to the animal.

Easy to dose during dry period, via the inline water dosing systems that most NZ dairy farms use.

Use during dry off and throughout the dry period helps the cow to build stores, deposit selenium to the calf, for a healthy calf, and udder.

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