Premixes are widely utilised in the animal feed industry to facilitate the uniform dispersion of micro ingredients in a larger mix, such a finished feed. Premixing in general has become so routine when formulating feed rations, that this important specialty area is often overlooked.

In light of this, the Vitamin Premix Clinic (VPC), a unique program BEC Feed Solutions offers to its customers, was developed to enhance and revitalise the level of understanding and appreciation for vitamins and premix ingredients. The VPC is actually a workshop where you will have the opportunity to look closely at:

  • Stability and mixability of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients
  • The roles of carriers, diluents and binders in premix formulation
  • Vitamin sources and properties
  • Premix manufacturing processes and technology
  • Tour of the premix manufacturing facilities

In addition, the clinic is geared for hands-on activities. In our laboratory you will have an opportunity to investigate the chemical and physical properties of vitamins, other feed ingredients and premixes, such as: hygroscopicity, solubility, particle size, bulk density, flowability, segregation and microscopic characteristics.

The Vitamin Premix Clinic is conducted approximately 4 times a year at our premix manufacturing facilities in Carole Park, Qld. It takes 1 1/2 days to complete the program. To facilitate learning and networking opportunities we have a maximum of nine participates in each clinic.

Vitamin Premix Gallery