Opticell® plus UF is one of the Agromed range or new generation fibres (Eubiotic Fibres) that BEC Feed Solutions (NZ) represents and is launching into the market in 2015.

Designed for young pre-ruminants (calves, lambs, goats etc), Opticell® is a tool to establish a healthy gut and help to ease dietary transitions, aiding in the prevention of nutritional scours.

This blog is going to document an ‘on farm’ trial of 30 autumn born Friesian bulls, rearing practices, feeding rates, and other calf rearing product etc. We intend on giving our customers real life experiences and practical advice on the use and results of using Opticell® plus UF.  In past years, nutritional scours are the bane of any ‘calf rearer’, so the results will be well received.

We’ll also include customer testimonials as they come along and other information you may find of interest.